Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I've moved!

I've moved, please visit my new blog here!

You can still grab these freebies they'll stay here until I disable the links.

Thank you!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another freebie is here!

Weekend and a freebie, yep! Okay, this one was supposed to be in my new store but since it´s not happening anymore I'm putting it up as a freebie! Hope you like it. I've worked really hard on this one and I enjoyed it. I´ve learned a whole lot of new things...and for that I´d like to give a LOUD thanks to the amazing tutorials of Tandika Star at DigiScrapDesigner (only for members)! So this time I´m giving away a full kit, here's the preview:

It contains:

8 papers (6 patterned 2 coordinating solids)
1 torn and distressed cardboard overlay
2 crochet laces
1 embroidered lace
2 awarenes laces (1 buckled)
1 glass heart
1 cardboard heart with burnt edges
2 tassels
1 rusty arrow
1 rusty staple
1 rusty thumbtack
1 rusty brad
1 rubon rose
1 aged paper frame
2 aged plain tags (big and small)
1 rusty label 'Memories'
1 wordart

If there is anything missing (it shouldn´t, I´ve checked a thousand times LOL!) please email me at lemonaid dot lucy at gmail dot com (you can find the email in the left column right under My Profile), I'll send it to you promptly. I had to split it because the whole file had 76 MB so the links are:


Sorry, the links have been disabled!

Enjoy! And remember please - don't share links with your friends but send them to my blog. And if you leave a little comment for me it´d be great too! LOL! If you happen to use my stuff in your layout, I´d be very happy if you send me a link and a permission to post it here. Thank you and have a great Sunday!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Thanks, instructions and more

Happy Friday to everyone! First of all thank you soooooo much for all your lovely comments left at 4shared, DST and, once fixed, also here. Special thanks to all the ladies who left comments back at DST because they couldn´t find a comment´s section here. Right, there was none!LOL! Big apologies and I really appreciate that you bothered to go back to DST! It´s fixed now so you can leave comments here.

On to next one - a couple of you asked me how to actually use the frames. I guess I should have included some sort of fault. Please forgive me, would you?LOL! I´m quite a freshman in this so I welcome suggestions for improvement. Okay, back to the frames - I was trying to keep it simple that´s why I put it on one layer, sort of Misty Cato's Frame It (same instructions followed). But I guess in that case I should have cut out the overlapping frames (I tried, it didn´t look all that great)...what do you think? Please let me know so next time I can make it easier for you! What do you prefer - separate layers (linked together) or all on one layer and cut the overlapping pieces? So, onto the instructions - position your photo on top of the frame where you want it, lower the opacity of the photo so you can see the frame under and use polygonal lasso tool to select the part of the photo you want to keep (use the frame as a guideline), invert the selection and clear.

Bring the opacity of the photo back to 100%. Done!

If you have any further question please send me an email (in the left sidebar)!

I said I had a news for you but I don´t anymore:-( The news was that I was going to sell my designs at a new scrapbooking store which was going to open on th 1st of May. But the owner of the site backed up, we got the email from her yesterday. Quite a surprise, I must say, everything was going fine and all of a sudden it´s all canceled! I have been working hard on my stuff these past days (and I´ve been a bad blogger!) but I guess now you can look forward to quite some freebies, LOL!

In the meantime I managed to make my contribution to this week's DigiDare which was about 'what if I had done something differently in the past, where would I be now, what would my life be like?' I really enjoyed this one! Apart from that it´s really good to remind yourself how HAPPY you are! Okay, so this is what I came up with:

Full credits and journaling here.

Tomorrow is Saturday and yes! I'm going to have a freebie for you! So don´t forget to stop by! Have a great day!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Weekend Freebie

Hola hola everybody! I was just thinking last night before I fell asleep that I had promised you a freebie and I haven´t put it up yet although I had it ready for a few days. Actually, there WAS one reason, I was making a LO using that freebie so I just thought I´d put it all at once. This time it´s a smallie, I know, but I´ve been loaded with work! Seems I´ll have a news for you very soon...!

Hey, do you also have troubles with posting many pictures on a LO? I do, ALWAYS! If you´re of that kind you´ll for sure like this one:

Download HERE. And please don´t forget to leave a little comment, I love to know what you think! Sorry, the link has been disabled!

And this is how it looks in action:

Full credits can be seen here.

Okay, I think that's it for today, have a great Sunday!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Celebrity match

Hi everybody, I found this celebrity match a few days back on Ruby´s Blog and I thought I´d give it a try. Man, I had a blast! This is what came out of my photo (I ran two and it was pretty much the same):


My husband is 90% Patrick Stewart, followed by Lech Walesa!LOL! But the kids, OMG, I don´t remember laughing so much lately. I ran a few photos of each since they look so different on every pic. Ok, so my DD is 75% Drew Barrymore, 72% of Gwyneth Paltrow and Shirley Temple 68% of Angelina Jolie, 67% of Judy Garland and Monica Belluci, 64% of Emma Watson, 63% of Jackie Kennedy and 61% of Madonna and Vin Diesel! ROTFL! And my son was even better, the most he got was 70% and it was prince Harry of Wales, how sweet is that?LOL! Then he was pretty consistent with 68% of Haley Joel Osmond and 67% of Tori Amos (no kidding!!!). There´s 66% of Mikka Hakinen and 61% of Juan Pablo Montoya in him, it says. 64% of Emma Watson and 61% of Shirley Temple make clear that there IS a resemblance between the two siblings. And Condolezza Rice with her 60% presence in my son closes the sure to follow the link on the collage to get one of those, it´s just hilarious!

Hey, y'all, thanks so much for all your nice comments on the freebies, it´s so sweet! One thing - if you happen to use it in your LO´s and post it in a gallery, could you pls send me a link? I´d love to see it! Email to lemonaid dot lucy ad gmail dot com.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

PS There´s gonna be another yummy freebie this week so don´t forget to check!

Friday, March 09, 2007

TGIF! And a freebie...

Hi everybody, it seems I've been neglecting you but I haven't, really! Just too much to do this week. Have been playing around with some photos, trying different techniques, it´s so much fun! And I´ve also been trying to fix pictures of my sister-in-law since she needs them for a child adoption process. We gathered the whole family last weekend (a task close to impossible, LOL!) to do a shooting session and most of the pictures came out blurry...well, I´ve tried a few things and it seems she can use them. So I haven´t managed to finish a template for you. But I have another goodie which has been sitting in my virtual drawer for a couple of weeks. It´s a pack of 12 grungy papers, some more, some less and 6 of them patterned. Hope you like them! Here is the preview:

And you can download it here. Enjoy and don´t forget to leave me some love! Sorry, the link has been disabled.
Oh, and I´ll be removing the link for the Vintage Flowers paper pack tomorrow so if you still want to grab it, it´s your last chance!
Have a great day!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Crazy weekend!

Don´t know about you but we´ve had quite a busy weekend. And it´s been really nice weather, all sunny, it was actually beach time on Sunday, the temperatures went up to 30 Celsius! On Friday I did a simple example of blending modes for the girls in our forum back home and then I found out that Scrapartist was holding a blend mode challenge in their Scrap Outside The Box . And on Sunday I went horseback riding so I just asked my DH to take a couple more pictures to go with what I already had (it was a picture of a beautiful horse) to go with it. This is what came out of it. I like how it turned out, especially the BIG horse!

Credits here.

And yesterday I beeped in DigiDares to see what kind of dare they had up this time. I´ve been planning to participate for a long time and I kept postponing it...until this one, it has really kicked me in. It´s called Who Rocks Your World and it´s all about your favorite music. I´ve come up with this:

For credits go here.

I´ve also been working on another freebie for you of course! I´m happy that you liked the alpha and thank you all so much for your nice comments!!! So don´t forget to check later this week for another free goodie! I haven´t decided yet which one to give you!
Good night!